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ABC offers a voluntary certification program to water treatment, distribution, collection, wastewater treatment, and industrial waste operators, water and wastewater laboratory analysts, plant maintenance technologists, and biosolids land appliers. ABC certification is not only a way to protect public health and the environment, but provides numerous career benefits to both employees and employers

Below is the list of environmental programs offered through ABC Certifications.

  • Biological Industrial Wastewater (BIW)
  • Biosolids Land Application (BLA)
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT)
  • Cross-Connection (CCC)
  • Collection (Coll)
  • Distribution (Dist)
  • Inspectors (Insp)
  • Maintenance (Main)
  • Physical/Chemical Industrial Waste (PCIW)
  • Solid Waste (SolW)
  • Small Wastewater System (SWWS)
  • Very Small Water System (VSWS)
  • Water Laboratory Analyst (WLA)
  • Water Treatment (WT)
  • Wastewater Laboratory Analyst (WWLA)
  • Wastewater Treatment (WWT)
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