Why Choose Us?


Our Core Values

We deliver an integrated academic experience placing student’s intellectual growth at the center.

Act with Integrity

We adhere to a strong code of ethics and manage our organization with honesty and transparency.

Be Proactive

We take initiative to provide solutions and opportunities for our students.

Service First

We place priority on being responsive and attentive to our students.

Continuous Improvement

We set benchmarks and strive to exceed our goals.

It is our aim to make our world a little better – step-by-step and day by day. We are determined and thankful that through our work we can contribute to something bigger, something more important than ourselves – always thinking about how we can sustain our efforts for the long term. We do so joyously and openly – through our platform and beyond.

We contribute to the world by enabling and stimulating personal growth – within and beyond (geographic) borders. Through our services we provide a broad range of opportunities for anyone we interact with to grow their professional and personal skills: we empower our student visitors to better understand and choose a study (abroad), and help our university administrators and educators to effectively reach out to students across the world. To do so, we also help universities with statistics, tracking tools, and expert advice to optimise their activities with us and beyond. Last but not least, we believe that the personal growth of our team members is what will drive our company’s progress. We create an environment where learning is facilitated and appreciated. In turn, we expect ourselves and our colleagues to dedicate themselves to their personal development.

We are dedicated in everything we do – and never ever give up. We are committed to reaching our ambitions and results, within the team and for our clients. The ultimate indicator for our success is our impact on students and clients. We will not stop until they are absolutely happy with (new) solutions. To be able to support students and universities in the best way imaginable we are ready to go the extra mile, and continuously challenge our approaches while thinking outside of the box. As we are convinced that everyone is at their best when doing what they love, we believer in flexible career paths. This gives us the energy to succeed –and the power to never give up.

We are optimists. We see no problems, just opportunities. We are proud about our achievement to date. We are however convinced that those will pale in comparison with what is yet to come. Our past successes give us strength to boldly move forward, confidently keeping our aims is sight. We are convinced that the diversity in our team is a key ingredient to our future success and deeply respect each other for our specific expertise and the unique contributions to our achievements. To work effectively together across all cultural divides we commit to communicating openly and sharing feedback constructively while caring for each other’s well being and development.

We believe fun does not stand in way of accomplishment; rather it supports it. We find it important to have a fun element in everything we do. We share our passions, organise team, and run creative challenges. We are at our best when we enjoy what we do – and: we enjoy ourselves. We work hard, and play hard!