Company Overview


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Educated Globally is to create and facilitate opportunities for academic achievement, global competence and personal growth through quality international education.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world class educational services enterprise that will tap on the immense potential and capabilities of students in India and facilitate their academic and professional growth in an international environment.

Educated Globally an organization devoted & dedicated to “Creating Globally Educated Citizens. “Today’s global village requires globally-sensitive citizens. One can become global citizens by being “EDUCATED GLOBALLY”!. The Educated Globally Study Abroad vertical has been designed to provide information, resources and assistance for those students who are interested to further their education & career by studying abroad.


EDUCATED GLOBALLY has a certain competitive edge over other similar organizations. And they are:

  • Provides full spectrum of services from pre-consultation to admissions/visa/forex to post-landing services.
  • Is on the constant look-out for the best programs in reputed institutions of Canada/USA.
  • First-hand information of student-life & life-style of North America as much of the Team lives in North America. Also, since they are from South Asia & have offices there, they are also aware of the ground realities in India/ South Asia.
  • Have strategically collaborated with Canadian, American, Georgian , Australian etc. -based Schools, Colleges & Universities and in process of tying up with many more Schools, Colleges and Universities.